As we were clearing through clutter and boxes in the basement, I discovered a book I forgot about. I've read almost all of Sonia Choquette's books on intuition and higher awareness since 1999, but this particular book Ask Your Guides apparently was left unfinished. It seemed to have a relevant message tailored for right now.

The marker from the page where I had left off in 2006 reads:

Did You Know That Teacher Guides...

'...reach out to us as our world is being seriously challenged--especially in our spiritual understanding of things?"

It's summer 2020 and we're in the middle of a global pandemic, riots, protestors, political divides, racial much division. We're splintered as a nation.

Sonia Choquette's book Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System probably couldn't have shown up at a better time in history. There's not a time that's been so divided--not in my life, not in my children's life, that is.

Therefore, it was the perfect time to return to the beginning of the book. From Chapter 1 to Chapter 14 (where I left off years ago), synchronicity and spirit seemed to speak louder than words along the way:

Part I:

Welcome to the World of Spirit

"As an adult, I've come to believe that our disconnection from the spirit world is a Western soul disease. Industrialization and intellectualism have snatched our center of awareness from our hearts..." Sonia Choquette writes at beginning of her book.

It's no wonder we can't easily see beyond the surface world. With industrialization, intellectualism and in more recent years--the information overload via our world of technology 24/7 that draws our awareness in. Social media alone has proliferated significantly since 2006 when the book was first written.

It's hard to pay attention to what we can't see.

However, sometimes synchronicity speaks louder than words and sets the logical, intellectual mind aside so that we can see.

For example, I had a dream about a cousin who had died last year...and bubbles (?!?!). Weird. No idea what that was about. THEN...later that afternoon as I finished chapter 2 'Entering the Wide World of Spirit'...on the next page was about BUBBLES. It was like reading my dream from the night before right back to me, right from the pages the book.

Information would spill off the pages and into the 'real' world providing insight at just the right moment.

Did You Know That Healer Guides...

When a book fell of the shelf and landed in her path with information on a health issue, Sonia writes that her experience with the books like this isn't unusual.

[Books]"...that's one of the major means through which these guides communicate."

People can be put in your path with the right information at the right time, too. Sonia was guided to a friend who directed her to someone who could help solve her daughter's mysterious health issues that went undiagnosed. When it was discovered she had wheat and dairy allergies, they eliminated those things from her diet. The result: relief within a month and no more trips to the emergency room with her daughter's headaches and severe stomach pain.

A similar thing happened here. We had no success in finding a remedy to the constant stomach aches, fevers, headaches, and sinus problems my daughter couldn't seem to shake. Was it a virus, an infection, allergies...?? Do we need antibiotics, see a specialist, what to do??

Thankfully, with the help of a medical intuitive (whom I met through a friend), we got to the source of the trouble. She discovered specific food sensitivities that were causing all types of imbalance in her system. She suggested removing wheat/gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and shellfish for a month and see how she feels.

It was exactly one year ago this month we were dealing with all of this. After a year of removing those items we've been symptom free. After years of stomach aches, sore throats, and headaches, and sinus problems all through elementary school, it's a gift to be symptom for a year! The symptoms began to clear within a month of removing those items.

So thankful to our friend Catherine who helped sort through all of it. Those food items were feeding and creating bad bacteria that caused a range of problems / symptoms.

We said earlier this summer it has been like a reset to clear and balance years of imbalance-- pathogens and toxins removed and balance restored.

"It's a lot like rebooting a computer and clearing it of all the old useless programs and viruses; he removes the negative patterns so that balance is restored." -Sonia Choquette (from chapter 15: Healer Guides):

Those were our words exactly.

A fun video (we can laugh now, but going through it at the time was no laughing matter) with news you can use:

What in us is making us sick?

To be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


We remain grateful for the help and guidance along the way:

Medical Intuitive Catherine Carrigan for helping to discover the pathogens making us sick.

Intuitive and Visionary Penney Peirce for introducing us to Catherine (and much more).

Medical Medium Anthony Williams and his collection of work that sheds light on the pathogens that create problems. He endlessly offers free resources to help create balance.

Sonia Choquette's work that offers guidance and all of her shared stories and experience.



Joy Guides.

When I pulled up Sonia's website to connect her site above there was an option to select a card. The card came up: Joy Guides. That would be appropriate because the next chapter that is next where I left off in writing this Chapter 18 titled: Joy Guides!


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