I Don't Like the Word Psychic.

I don't particularly like the word psychic--or empath.

Psychic 'phenomenon' is often associated with 'out there' and sometimes weird stuff. Too much for my logical left brain to process.

Yet, it still happens.

There are senses beyond the five that deliver information which cannot be explained by the first five.


Most often, we live in a cluttered world. Negative thoughts can clutter our mind, processed food fills our body with artificial substances, general clutter can fill our homes, and pollution fills the air, land, and sea in ways we can't always see.

Furthermore, our busy days distract us to the point of having no idea to see how cluttered we are.

No wonder it is hard to be clear and to see with clear vision. Intuition gets clouded or all together closed. We can't see, hear, or know information that may be there. We're cluttered.

Rather than predicting the future, it's most helpful to tune into the present. The present energy surrounding a situation or person can reveal a lot. An intuitive look into present circumstances can help predict future paths based on choices made today.

It's not as much predicting the future as it is seeing into the present.

Seeing, sensing the subtle, sometimes strong energy in and/or around a person, or place and seeing it clearly.

Leaving our futures to be 'predicted' by a psychic gives too much to another person who may or may not interpret what they perceive clearly and accurately. It's not to say they can't see into things or see potential forecasts--it's just that it lends too much of one's life to the perception and interpretation of information from another.


Yet, there are gifted psychics who 'see' beyond the surface and and perceive information beyond that can't be explained with logic alone.

This piece at Forever Conscious explains it well:​ Can You Trust a Psychic to Know Your Destiny?

"Think of a psychic like a radio. If the radio is well made and full of clean, positive energy, the sound quality is going to come through perfectly. But if the radio is old, worn and beaten, the sound quality is going to be poor, muffled and even confusing to understand."


It's confusing. The word alone can be confusing, and the experience even more confusing.

Empathy is typically associated with the word 'understanding' as in to put one into another person's shoes to 'understand'; hence, to empathize with them. It's more than that though.

Empathic knowing is not observing, but actually feeling what is happening around them. It applies to people, places, and things. And, yes, even spirits (a subject for a later date).

The potential of an empath means you can feel, know, sense the space of another. You can even absorb the energies around you if not careful or aware.

It goes beyond logic because it is not processed with left brain, rational intellect. Rather, it's right brain, perceptual imaging and/or feeling that arrives into awareness most often in an instant.


An empath, if not careful, can feel like they are sick when they are not sick. Instead, it might the person next to them they're tuning into. This can be typically strong in/among family members or close friends, but not limited to that.

An empath, if not careful, feel the emotional tones in a room as clear as if they are colors.

To know the difference between the various origins of what is in and around us has made me become carefully, and sometimes painfully aware.

It's getting stronger as the veil thins between the worlds.


It's a skill set that can be developed, but most important is to clear one's own personal space and world. Clear the thoughts that are harmful, food that is artificial, environments that are less than optimal.

Health and Mindfulness should be at the forefront of what we do. Unfortunately, it's often the least of what we do.

We can live in a surface world if we allow ourselves to stay there. Beyond the surface, though, there is so much more to see.


An empath, whether careful or not, can be highly sensitive to their environment. especially chemicals - from what is in food to the scents in perfume. A candle or scented liquid air 'freshener' may smell good in the car or plugged into the wall to some - but may send an empath running.

A reaction can be set off with varying degrees of sensitivity from itchy nose and red eyes to being highly nauseous. They are sensitive to the chemicals.

As some are sensitive to chemicals, others are ultra sensitive to sounds.

Frequency overload can happen to an empath. Too many sounds, too much noise impairs peace. Too much technology can have an adverse affect on our energy systems.

Sometimes you see things you don't want to see or feel things you don't want to feel. Learning to traverse this world of energy and perception requires a skill set. You don't have to be a psychic to tune into the world of energy in and around you.


Research shows that we only use a portion of our brain. It's no wonder this is an expanding field.

The CIA has been studying psychic phenomena for years. Russia has, too.

The U.S. Military has a research program on premonition and intuition. TIME has a great piece on this: 'The U.S. Military Believes Humans Have a Sixth Sense'.

Mystery and misunderstanding may have clouded this subject matter for years. However, as more and more people have their own experiences from increased coincidences (such as thinking of someone you haven't talked to in years, then all of a sudden you hear from or run into them), to sensing energy to seeing, or even 'hearing' from a loved one who has crossed over, it won't be as much as mystery as it will be a reality.

It's where Spirit and Matter intersect.

Perhaps the most comprehensive collection of research in one book: Psychic Intuition: Everything You Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know' by Nancy du Tertre (aka 'The Skeptical Psychic').

We're already beginning to see more of these topics enter into mainstream media, culture, and every day awareness.

From Mindfulness and Meditation to Intuition and 'Sixth Sense'...Is it our next Common Sense? It should be.

Read more: INTUITION. What is it?

"We're moving from the Age of Information to the Age of Intuition," explains Penney Peirce.



Tangible and practical application for bringing Higher Awareness to Life can be found in Penney Peirce's Intuition trilogy: Intuition, Frequency, Leap of Perception

A comprehensive collection of research in one book: Psychic Intuition: Everything you Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know' by Nancy du Tertre, The 'Skeptical Psychic'.

Unlimited Intuition NOW by CatherineCarrigan

And especially for children: Children Who Know How to Know by Elly Molina


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