October 27, 2016

I viewed the world one way.  It was linear, left brain dominated, and highly logical.  Mention the word 'meditation' and the image of a monk in an Asian cave or long haired hare krishna type on a San Francisco street corner came to mind.  It was my idea of 'weird'.   


Then... in walked Dr. Nancy Spence to class one day in college.  


My worldview was about to shift.  


My view of reality was about to be shattered.  (But for the good).  


Drawing from her thousands of books read, hundreds of cities/countries visited, cultures studied, and years of experience exposed me to years of knowledge and wisdom that I did not/would not receive from TV shows, movies, news, magazines, or anything that mainstream media offered.   


Her class and book Life Medicine:  Wisdom for Extraordinary Living was one of a kind.   



It inspired me to learn as much as I possibly could, and about a world I did not yet know about.  


With a PhD in East/West Psychology to include studies of human potential and interviews with highly successful people, she was able to weave together an award winning class on how to live a meaningful life:   


"Her lifelong passion for world cultures and what they have to teach about optimal well-being has taken her to 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, and South Pacific. She has studied Asian psychotherapies in Japan; explored Chinese medicines in The Peoples' Republic of China; observed Hindu ritual along the sacred Ganges; shared midnight stories with New Zealand's Maori; studied Celtic spirituality in Ireland and Iona, Scotland; and hiked East Africa's Serengeti with one of the world's last semi-nomadic tribes.


At the heart of it all is a deep enthusiasm for exploring how humans live their best lives and then helping others discover and maximize their own unique excellence."  (From her bio)


She was like a walking billboard advertisement of 'unique excellence'. 


It's like she knew something that others didn't know.  I  didn't gather it came from fancy cars, expensive jewelry, elaborate homes, or designer labels either.   I've seen lots of individuals as such, but I have not seen many individuals like Dr. Nancy Spence.  


She was Brilliant, Bright, Beautiful as if shining with clear light.



Thankful for the wisdom shared during her course(s).  (One had to do the work...but it worked).  It expanded my worldview in ways I had previously been limited to.  


I learned to look beyond the surface.  There was much more than what was visible at a surface level.  It provided some type of internal guidance system that I had not known about before.  


Until this point, if Eastern philosophy or other wisdom traditions were mentioned- it was too 'out there'.  Anything intangible or termed 'spiritual' wasn't really 'real' unless it could be scientifically proven or materially viewed.


My career choice changed, too.  While I set out for a career in CIA or FBI or similar type career as an undergrad at UC, I realized there was other work I would do.   It led me to people, places, and projects I couldn't have imagined.  


I know she has affected other students the way she affected me with her gift.  


She continues to move others to inspired purpose today.  



Lewis Howes posted this meme recently.  Minus the dog, this is an accurate image of Dr. Nancy Spence's impact that her courses led to at University of Cincinnati.  


BEFORE Nancy's class Life Medicine.  AFTER Nancy's class Life Medicine:  

                  MIND FULL V. MINDFUL

Photo image credit:  Lewis Howes

 It comes as not surprise that her course was cited by a major online news source “among the ten most worthwhile, interesting courses on college campuses.”   Read more about her work here.


Her book and work should be offered at universities/colleges throughout the country.


Congressman Tim Ryan's work - at the opposite end of Ohio - shows trailblazing work as well.  Mindfulness and America... the evidence is there. He introduces it into grade school children in Youngstown, OH today.   Dr. Nancy Spence introduced it to college students in Cincinnati, OH in the 90s.  A Professor and a Congressman set a precedent in Ohio.  


In Ohio.    


SEE @lewishowes Interview with Congressman Ryan:

Lewis Howes interviews Congressman Tim Ryan of Youngstown, OH:

   How We Learned to Think and Eat is Killing Us (and THIS is the Solution)


Radio interviews with Dr. Nancy Spence in Cincinnati, OH:  here

A MUSICIAN. Jimmy Buffett's Guitarist and more.

December 19, 2016

Mac McAnally may be one of (if not the) most humble people in the Music/Entertainment industry.  Here's why:

Mac left his small home town (really small) of Belmont, MS to follow his calling - music. He reaches the top over and over- yet remains most humble, genuine, and grateful. 

Named CMA Musician of the Year 8 years in a row. 

It is his ability to stay humble, genuine, and "Real" amid the success as singer/songwriter/producer for the best in the industry that stands out. It is not often you meet people like this in the world.

He deserves to be at the top.


Belmont, MS is where.  My husband and Mac were in marching band together in grade school/high school in Belmont, MS.  We found many pictures, yearbooks, and more when clearing out the family estate.  


Mac left Belmont to follow his calling.  At a time in history when football players were the rising stars in the South, and marching band was not ... Mac left to follow his passion - music.  

His God given talent has risen to the top again - and again.  While he may not be a household name like Taylor Swift, Toby Mac, or Keith Urban he is held at the same level of stardom as such.  Thus, chosen to be CMA Musician of the Year as voted by the industry's very own.  

When he played in Atlanta earlier this year and we did get to meet him, it was clear within a moment.  He deserves to be at the top.  He not only got to see Mac, but also got to see another friend, Kathy, at the concert - she taught him to play drums back in Belmont, MS. One of Mac's songs in his  new album is about Kathy, his best friend growing up.  

You don't have to be a country music fan (I am not known as one) to appreciate what Mac produces.  Each song for him seems to have deeper meaning - whether for him or for the world - or I don't believe he would write it.  

Thankful for people like this in the world.  They follow their passion and purpose and set magnificent examples that light the way for others to appreciate.  

Rolling Stones did great piece on him:  Songwriter Spotlight:  Mac McAnally on CMA Dominance and Chesney Hits

"Down the Road," Kenny Chesney
"He's a great friend and he's been a great ambassador of a couple of my best songs," says McAnally of the superstar. Chesney called him up one day and asked him to come in the studio the next day. When McAnally wondered what might be on the agenda, Chesney said, 'We're going to cut one of your songs and I don't care which one.' "That may be as nice of a compliment as a songwriter can get.

"That's the first time I've ever been part of a Number One record as a singer. He was nice enough to allow me to ride up the charts with him." - Mac McAnally in Rolling Stones 

"With a Straight Face," from AKA Nobody

"Something like [this song], I can't really take credit for. I am very grateful that I got to be the filter of where that came through,"

I'm certainly not qualified to be a spokesperson for any cause, I just wanted my friends — and anybody that suffers in any kind of way that's an underdog — to know that I have compassion for them and root for them.” McAnally envisions the song having a wide reach. "If Adele or Beyoncé or Taylor Swift wants to sing that song, they can change the world with it."

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