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A DRUMMER. Justin Bieber's.

December 11, 2016

"It's no wonder why his shoulder was tapped when the world's biggest superstar was looking for a drummer that had it all" -Pearl Drums

He lights up the stage whenever he plays, wherever he plays.  

A life inspired by purpose and God's design.  


Narrowly escaping death when his vehicle exploded from a road bomb in Afghanistan, he became the highest ranking officer to be wounded in the war.  His recovery was long, but his will to serve even longer.  


He has not forgotten the faces of the children at the refugee camps.  

A MUSICIAN. Jimmy Buffett's Guitarist.

CMA Musician of the Year - 8 years in a row!  


Singer/Songwriter/Producer for some of the leading musicians in the Entertainment industry, in addition to touring the world with Jimmy Buffett as his long time guitarist, singer, songwriter, friend.  

People like this deserve to be at the top.  Here's why:  


Life Medicine: Wisdom for Extradordinary Living  

by Dr. Nancy Spence:

"Among the ten most worthwhile, interesting courses on college campuses”  as cited by a major online news source on her award winning class she taught at University of Cincinnati for seven years on how to live a meaningful life. 


"He just was a man driven by a higher purpose"-Mary Denton Lewis.  "My mother too, and we grew up with that, the sense of being a part of something bigger." ( on PBS Documentary 'Jeremiah')​

One of top 50 Most Influential people in U.S. history (Smithsonian Institute)


She saw the light, then painted it into art.  

Miss Ann Barnes shared her gift until the very day she died, at 94.  See more of Miss Ann's Art.

Letters of praise from past Presidents, Generals, Admirals and more are in her Archive collection.   

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