This blog is the result of 20 years navigating between two worlds. One is visible, tangible and directed by the five senses. The other is invisible, intangible - yet very 'real' and lead by the sixth sense and beyond. It might be 'one' world we live in, but there are two different realities to 'see' and experience.


I set this site up to create a window into a world that goes beyond the five senses. Logic and intuition don't always go together, but it helps create balance. Some of the things I would dismiss as 'that's crazy' 'that's not real' are overridden with the help of my left brain that likes to create lists and collect evidence that there is a world far greater than our five senses. 

I'm not here to convince you of what is real and not real. In my first 22 years of my life nobody could have told me that spirits are real or that the 'other side' can communicate with the living. It wasn't real enough to me or my first five senses and I immediately dismissed it as 'weird' and NOT real. It wasn't 'real' unless you could scientifically prove it. 

The next 22 years of my life showed me something entirely different.  

People are having more experiences that take them beyond their five senses. I will post stories, resources, and information that one can read and determine what is 'real' to them

Children are especially tuned into this world. They have a natural ability to know a world beyond their five senses. With two young children, it has become a priority to keep their world of imagination and creativity front and center. It is their gateway to their intuition.



Intuition is the GPS of our system that links our internal world with external. A clear sense of direction is synonymous with clear intuition. It doesn't matter what religion or spiritual path one follows, intuition is universal, like how a smile is universal. It can never hurt to clear our pathways for greater intuition. Sometimes it's as simple as clearing the clutter that we've accumulated along the way, which can be in the form of thoughts, words, systems, food, or physical stuff in general.

One doesn't have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to 'see' or to tune into the world of energy around us.  The invisible becomes visible through




No single person is an expert at these topics combined. There are, though, experts in each of these fields. They may not be household names like movie stars or politicians, but they have worked with governments, business, military, the entertainment industry (from celebrities to producers) to thousands of individuals along their paths of personal development. 

I expect to see a greater demand for classes, workshops, training in intuition development and leadership. We will realize linear, left brain thinking isn't the only source to provide answers, but that right brain, holistic and intuitive thinking is not only complimentary but far more insightful, expansive, and encompassing. It is our future.    

"We are moving from an Age of Information into an Age of Intuition." -Penney Peirce 

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