Building a bridge between two worlds.

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This blog is the result of 20 years navigating between two worlds. One is visible, tangible and directed by the five senses. The other is invisible, intangible - yet very 'real' and lead by the sixth sense and beyond.                                                                                       

Intuition, Energy, Dreams,  and 




I've spent over 20 years in international affairs, civil-military relations and and humanitarian work. I travelled around the world, worked on U.S. military/government projects and engaged with diverse leaders in military, government, business, and international humanitarian community. 

That all changed once I had small children. I didn't want to go to the far away (sometimes dangerous) areas anymore. Although my time and focus changed -  less travel, more family, what has not changed is a strong sense of intuition. It only got stronger over the years. It's a subject so important that I dedicate this entire site to it. 


I have pages of reminders that there is a world far greater than our five senses and some of it will be captured on this site.

To promote intuition development to a wider audience has become a priority. Together, with some of the leaders in the field, we build a bridge of understanding between two worlds: visible and invisible, logic and intuition, spirit and matter. 

This site is inspired by the work of the following individuals:

Nancy du Tertre, 'The Skeptical Psychic' who teaches us to TRUST. And VERIFY. 

 Penney Peirce, who has been 'Bringing Higher Awareness to Life' for over 30 years.

Dr. Nancy Spence. who created the course of Life 101 and inspired an expanded way of seeing the world.

Elly Molina, who has been working with children to inspire their potential.



To bring intuition into my home and family and to keep creativity and imagination alive in children is my priority. It's is a gateway to intuition.  

I have two young children in the entertainment industry. Together, we make intuition a priority as we navigate the world--both on and off screen. 

Children are more advanced at tuning into this world that we realize. A special thank you to Elly Molina who has been working with children to develop their intuitive and sixth sense abilities. 

More on children & intuition coming soon.

One doesn't have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to 'see' or to tune into the world of energy around us.  The invisible becomes visible through


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