It's easy feel knocked off center or to get cut down the middle. To feel as if an invisible knife is slicing or stabbing tears into the invisible space around you. And it can sometimes strike right in the center of you if you're not careful. If you don't stay centered and clear on what matters to you. 

Your friend lands a perfect job for her, a great an high paying job she is excited about. And should be, it is a perfect fit and created just for her. She hasn't even started the job yet and talks of moving to a bigger house and buying a bigger, nicer, much more expensive car. 

Flash forward and I see her not spending as much quality time with her boys. Will they feel the absence of not just a busy mom, but one that's not present even when working from home? 

Thankfully, I'm happy with my home, my car and especially family to know enough that no mater how high paying the job is - it would cut through me like a knife to not get to spend the time I get to spend with both my kids.


Everyone has a different path!

Or, you hear about the millionaire and billionaire friends painting the ultimate picture of what success looks like. Or is supposed to look like. It was an honor to be invited by my friend to attend.


Yet, when it's time to leave for the conference, my little boy is crying for me to not leave and hugging my leg so tight. For whatever reason that day, he was the one feeling like he was being split in half. At that moment in time, I knew at my very center that no matter how successful picture is defined by our cultural belief systems - I knew at that very moment, no matter how big of a business or how much money that business model was making, I would feel cut down the middle to have to be responsible for something that size. There is nothing bigger to me than my kids, my family.


Everyone  has a different path! 

I feel like the hamster wheel is spinning and spinning fast when I glance into what life is life for some. I don't ever want to be in a glass cage, running fast, thinking I'm getting somewhere - but really it's an illusion. 

I'm afraid that when we get to the end of our life - and we'll all get there whether we think about it or not - what will be clearly defined in those final moments will be about those we love. The relationships built, people that matter, time well spent with family and/or friends. 

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